Finding Your Voice

Finding Your Voice
How to Speak in Front of Groups

An Interactive Skillshop by Janet Matthews

This informative and fun skillshop is gentle, yet powerful in its ability to help people overcome their fear of speaking in front of groups, and gain new confidence. The wisdom can be applied to speaking to groups of any size, from a small business meeting in a boardroom, right up to a large audience of hundreds of people. It will also help the person who has some speaking experience to become more confident, more competent at communicating his/her message, and to actually enjoy the experience.

To accomplish this, Janet provides some nuts and bolts tools that are easy to remember, easy to use, and provide confidence and security in a person while they are speaking. Done in a safe setting with 10 or more participants, everyone gets a chance to speak. The length of the event depends on the number of people enrolled. For example, 30 people would be about 5 hours with 1 meal break.

Participants have reported a new understanding of exactly how to approach a presentation, how to construct their talk, and how to focus their mind and body to create effective communication. They also report a new level of confidence in the process as a whole, a significant reduction in their fear, and a surprising (to them) enjoyment of the entire experience.

Topics covered:

1) Mind Rules: 
2 conditions for communication
4 important points about what to have in your mind and heart prior to beginning

2) Body Rules:
5 important points on what to do, and what not to do with your body while you are speaking, including how to use a microphone.

3) Content Rules:
12 important rules about how to choose, construct and arrange the content of your talk.

4) Time to create a simple 3 minute talk on a special, easy to work with topic. 

5) 3 minute Presentation by each person, in a safe setting with warm support, followed first by positive feedback, and then by gentle constructive suggestions from the group. Each person learns magically by osmosis from watching and being involved with every other presenter’s learning experience.

This last section is the most powerful, and where the learning actually takes permanent root in the consciousness of the participant. People leave excited, charged with new confidence, and ready to go out and do it.