Who is Janet Matthews?

Janet Matthews is a best selling author, writer, editor, inspirational speaker, and spiritual mentor. She is also a certified Love Yourself Heal Your Life workshop leader, with training based on the philosophy of the legendary Louise Hay. 

As the co-author of the Canadian Best seller, Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul, since 2002 she has been inspiring audiences across Canada with her heartfelt journey of creating this unique Canadian book. With her stories, anecdotes and passionate delivery, Janet lights up a room. She knows that when the heart is opened, people can become aware of their true potential. She loves helping people understand the nature of their true spiritual identity, and the purpose and meaning of their life. She has a number of different exciting speeches and presentations she has had delivered to a wide range of audiences. The glowing testimonials she receives attest to the popularity of her work. 

A former photographic stylist and producer, Janet spent the first 20 years of her professional life in Toronto’s fast paced fashion photography industry. Searching for a new direction, in 1994 she became affiliated with The Raymond Aaron Group™, an education and marketing business in Richmond Hill, Ontario. She was personally responsible for creating, and naming the most significant arm of Raymond’s business, his Monthly Mentor Program™. Her invaluable insight into human nature along with her highly sought-after production skills, natural writing talent, and her intuitive people and leadership skills were the major reasons why in 1997, Raymond invited her to help him co-ordinate and produce Chicken Soup for the Parents’ Soul

When Jack Canfield later invited her to Co-author Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul, she jumped at the chance to help create this very special Canadian book. Her stories can now be found in six Chicken Soup for the Soul books, as well as a number of other publications. Along the way she has lent her editorial expertise to a number of other authors to help them bring their own books of personal or spiritual growth to publication. 

Janet lives north of Toronto in Aurora Ontario. A lover of Canada’s great northern wilderness and a committed environmentalist, as a certified canoeing instructor and trip leader she has enjoyed sharing her love of Canada’s natural heritage with others. An eclectic individual with diverse interests and talents, she is a couturier seamstress, plays the violin, and is a passionate ice skater, roller skater and dancer, and cross country skier.

Janet has been a guest on countless television and radio talk shows across Canada, and gives a very dynamic interview. She is generally available for guest speaking spots and interviews, and you may contact her at:


Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul

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