“In 1997 when I invited Janet Matthews to head up the new Chicken Soup for the Soul division of my company, none of us knew what lay ahead in producing these two projects. However, I knew Janet to be a creative, innovative problem solver. When she first began, I remember saying, “here’s an empty office with a desk and a phone, good, there’s a computer, I’m sure you’ll figure out how to use it and oh, by the way, here’s a manual that tells you how to write a Chicken Soup book. Okay, go.” There was no filing cabinet, but neither was there any paper to put in it. Starting from scratch she began an effort that no one else in Canada has done. My staff watched in amazement as the stories rolled in, and the new filing cabinet filled up. Three years later we released Chicken Soup for the Parent’s Soul right on schedule and it quickly hit the New York Times top ten list. Two years after that we released Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul, and it became an immediate Canadian best seller. It was Janet’s creativity, her persistence, but above all her passionate belief in her vision that led to these two successful results. Along the way, her natural writing skills evolved and matured, and her flair for editing became obvious and highly respected by both Jack Canfield’s staff, and the editorial staff at H.C.I. If there was some way I could keep Janet fully employed in my company, I would. We have continued to rely on her for ghostwriting, and for editorial assistance for much of the printed educational material we produce. I cannot recommend Janet highly enough. She is reliable, creative, resourceful, scrupulously honest, and a valuable asset to any team she becomes part of. ” Raymond Aaron President and CEO of The Raymond Aaron Group® Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Parent’s Soul

“Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation to the R.W.T.O. I was amazed at the reception you were given by our members. You were so enthusiastic, and energized, we clung to your every word. You made us feel we were involved in the lives of your storytellers.”

Christina Smith, Chairperson,
Retired Women Teachers of Ontario
Mississauga Chapter

“Janet Matthews is a true professional. She was completely unphased by a few A/V glitches that occurred at the hotel. Her presentation was one of the most inspiring I’ve heard, and perhaps the best delivered of any we’ve heard over the years.”

Jim Waters, Government Relations Consultant President,
The Canadian Club of Kelowna
Kelowna, British Columbia

“You were awesome! Now I understand the rave reviews I’m hearing from other parts of Canada. Thank you”!

Geoff Scott President,
Association of Canadian Clubs
Ottawa, Ontario

“What a motivational, inspirational speaker! WOW! I was expecting a great speaker, but you surpassed my expectations. I was truly inspired and motivated to become better myself. You deserved the standing ovation, and I will be passing your name along to others. I have received very positive feedback from our PROBUS members who were very motivated and inspired by your stories.”

Patricia Budd – President,
Brampton Mixed PROBUS Retired Office Manager and Mentor
Presently employed by the Peel Board of Education

“Janet was absolutely brilliant, and would be a wonderful speaker for any teacher’s or youth group. She is inspiring, witty, humorous and most of all passionate about ‘telling your story’. She has met with the greats and read stories from the unknowns. Her story of creating Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul is energizing and uplifting, and her retelling of stories is heart-warming. I am absolutely convinced she should be speaking to teachers all across the country. Her book should be in every classroom. Her stories need to be shared. I know she has spoken to many groups, and she will certainly inspire teachers to encourage stories from students. She will motivate teachers to be the best they can be as they encounter the challenges they meet each day. She will nurture the quiet minds that have yet to blossom. She is amazing.”

Jacqui Byers Vice Principal,
York Region District School Board (RET)
Ontario Coordinator Heritage Fairs, Historica Foundation of Canada Program Chair,
Canadian Federation of University Women – Orillia ON.


“When Janet began to speak about her experiences with Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul, I was fascinated to hear her stories and wished she could just keep going. She mesmerized the congregation and left us all filled with a sense of wonder at our diversity and a pride in being Canadians. She spoke with empathy and humour and I was impressed with her personal presence.”

Karen Johnson-Hosein, Associate Pastor,
Knox United Church
Agincourt Ontario

“Finally someone has taken charge of promoting this wonderful country of ours. You are to be commended for telling our stories. As a nation, we are always the last to promote our history, and heritage. Thank-you for your inspiration!”

Peter Watson, Business Owner,
London, Ontario

“Thank you for an excellent presentation! Our teens here at the Mississauga Central Library very much enjoyed the stories you shared of inspirational heroes such as Marilyn Bell, Rick Hansen and Craig Kielburger. They appreciated the opportunity to ask questions afterwards. Your presentation was one of the highlights of our Summer Teen Series!”

Mary Da Silva, Librarian,
Mississauga, Ontario

“You spoke quickly, and clearly, and with no visual aids kept over 150 people completely absorbed in the story of your book. It made me feel really proud that Canadians had done so many worthwhile and inspirational deeds, and it motivated me to buy a book for my young nephew.”

Shirley Walker Retired Educator
Mississauga, Ontario

“Our heartfelt thanks for being our guest author on Sunday April 27. You are a very wonderful and compelling speaker, and the sale of your books reflected this. This is the largest sale we have had at an Author’s Afternoon. I have just finished my first reading of this remarkable book. Many of the heartwarming stories brought tears to my eyes. I loved reading it.”

Joan Roberts, Chairperson
Friends of the Toronto Public Library,
North Chapter.

Thank you for the inspiring talk! It is so nice to hear the story/history of Canadian heroes – especially Marilyn Bell’s story. I remember hearing my parents talk about her feat when I was a youngster – in the days of no TV. Also, it was great to hear about the young Canadian heroes that we have with us today. No doubt you are the right lady for the job on the Chicken Soup team. Thank you on behalf of all teachers and Canadians – both young and old – for enlightening us about the accomplishments of all Canadians.”

Patricia Chan Retired Elementary School Teacher
Mississauga Ontario

“Thank you Janet for coming out and presenting at the MetroActive Writer’s Club. You did an amazing job. I was very impressed with your ability to generate such warm and compelling stories out of random questions. I appreciated your authenticity and your natural way of being. You truly made it a great evening, and I’m sure you profoundly impacted the listening of many of our attendees.”

[)anish Ahmed, Author of “Ordinary Words”
Toronto, Ontario

“Thank you so much for sharing your powerful story with us last evening at Company of Women. I was very moved at how your own dream unfolded as you were impacted and transformed by encounters with some of Canada’s greatest heroes. You should be proud of your accomplishment, and I commend you for your strength and perseverance in bringing these wonderful Canadian stories to the world. Bravo!”

Jean L. Price Owner/Operator
Clews Clothing.com
Port Credit, Ontario

“EXCELLENT! You are a wonderful storyteller/motivational speaker. You touched my soul with your selection of stories about Canadian Youth, all of whom I know and/or knew. Keep it up!”

Retired Educator
Mississauga Ontario

“This was a truly great evening, because you Janet are an absolutely fabulous speaker! Thank you so much!”

Bev Gordon, Marketing Executive
Morrisberg, Ontario

“Thank you for sharing your experiences with me today. You spoke with such enthusiasm, passion and excitement. This book sounds like it is a compilation of people’s dreams. I personally have not been a dreamer in my life, but I am married to one and have learned so much since we met. Hopefully this book will teach me how to nurture my two children to become dreamers too.”

Heather Patterson Manager,
Treasury Operations
Bolton, Ontario

“Thank you so much for your presentation at the Caledon Library! I brought three seniors from the nursing home where I work as a Recreation Therapist. We do a weekly Chicken Soup for the Soul program, and thought this would be a good fit. It was wonderful – thank you!”

Susan Johnston Recreational Therapist
at King Nursing Home
King City, Ontario

“Your speech was most inspiring, and you grabbed my attention right away. Your passion for this project was evident as you described several of our heroes’ stories. You were most inspiring, and I would like to thank you for re-telling our heritage.”

Bonnie Mactaggart, Retired Teacher,
Bolton, Ontario

“Your talk was inspiring – and very much “from the heart.” I look forward to reading the book – both myself, and with my daughters. It will be a great way for them to learn about Canada, and so many great Canadians!”

Dave Cannon Secondary School Teacher
Bolton, Ontario

“I really enjoyed listening to Janet Matthews talk about her new book, Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul. I even purchased a copy for my 12-year-old daughter who has been reading some of the series for the “Teen Soul.” Could you please pass this letter from my daughter along to Janet? I believe she was very impressed when she read the book.”

Melanie Norman,
Women In a Home Office,

“Thanks for the Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul book you gave to my mother, who gave it to me. I have read Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul and those stories inspired me to do things and believe I can do anything, and sure this one will too!

Trisha, 12 years old,

“I really enjoyed your presentation. I found it inspirational, and thought provoking. I will be buying the book. Thank –you!”

Cathy Monchamp, HR Consultant,
London ON

“…your speaking was from the heart just as the stories you told!”

Judy Wilson,
Caledon, Ontario

“Your story-telling is great! I was in tears hearing about some of the stories.”

Retired teacher,
Mississauga, Ontario

A Most Memorable presentation Janet! We rarely hear positive messages such as this. It would be a good antidote for cynics!”

Norman MacLeod

Shirley Robinson
Retired Business Executive
Leamington, Ontario

“Your presentation would be excellent for students in Grades 7,8,9, and 10. I used to be a teacher-librarian, and had many author visits to my school. Your book would be read by the students, and its message would be well received by them. Thank you for an excellent presentation – very enjoyable.”

Ann-Marie Buna Retired Teacher,
Mississauga, Ontario